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General tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things: brushing too hard, clenching or grinding, or gum disease all which can cause the root areas to become exposed. Once this happens it is important to limit the amount of "acids" which go into the mouth which can prolong the irritation. Some of the more common ones to watch out for are pop (regular or diet-they both contain acids), soft drinks, salad dressings, fruit juices, fruit, coffee and tea to name a few. Sensitive toothpastes certainly help but need to be used on a continual basis or the sensitivity will return. Fluoride rinses have also been shown to help.

"How often should I get my teeth cleaned"

Everyone one is different so there is no set rule. We have over 400 different types of bacteria in our mouths some are good some are not! The good ones help to begin digesting our food, some of the bad ones cause gum diseases, cavities, and bad breath. Depending on what you have genetically and what you have picked up along the way, and how well you do your home care will help determine how often you will need to come in and visit your hygienist. For many every 6 months if fine but many need every 3 month and others every 9 or even 12 months!

Oral Cancer

It can present itself in many ways in the oral cavity. Most oral cancers are found in 50-70 years or in people who are smokers and/or drinkers. Interestingly though lately oral cancer is showing up in much younger people due to the HPV virus-yes the one that causes cervical cancer! Many young people are choosing to have oral sex and the HPV virus is now showing up in the oral cavity. There soon will be a vaccine for males just as there is one for females.


Are you aware that Simcoe County does not have fluoride in its water! Recent studies released show that Simcoe County has the highest decay rate for children in all of Ontario!!
Although we do get small amounts of fluoride in our toothpaste. Most of us do not brush for the full 2 minutes to get any benefit from it!. Your professional fluoride treatments given at your recare appointments are so very important to prevent decay. Our office has 3 types of applications a rinse, paint-on, tray or varnish.
Be sure to ask which one would be best for you.

"I Hate Getting my Teeth Cleaned"

If you find getting your teeth professionally scaled is uncomfortable and you would prefer to be "frozen" but are not keen on a mouth full of injections there is now another option!
Oraqix is a new non-injectable gel of local anaesthetic that works fantastic! It is painless and lasts only 20 minutes so you can have your scaling done in comfort and leave with no after affects!!! If this is something your interested in please advise us before your appointment.